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This sandbar was home to me for the first 18 years of my life, almost.  Patti Page sang about it, people spend many summers there, and it gets romanticized a lot.  Like everything, there is shadow and light here and I only remembered the darkest parts for a very long time. I stayed away for decades, lost in the fear of reliving it all.

Last month, I flew in over the navy blue waters, seagulls coasting along with my plane, whitecaps flashing like diamonds, and all the good came back to me.  Every day, for a week in September, the sun cast a beautiful glow and brought me treasure after treasure.  As I write, I turn every reunion, every kind and encouraging word, every magical moment over and over, like seashells on the shore.  Taking their beauty into my heart, and remembering.

5 Comments on “Cape

  1. You write like a composer…beautiful. I can relate to a lot of this one too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. there’s something so precious in being able to reclaim the full picture….especially the true beauty revealed after knowing the darkness

  3. Beautiful…and it holds so much more than the few words typed. Christa this is lovely and is opening a door to all of us to begin to do the same.
    thank you

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