You asked and I finally answered.  Thanks for your patience.


While most of the work I do comes to me through recommendations and referrals, it’s time to be clear about the ways we can work together.   Here’s the link to the page with all my current offerings.  Feel free, of course, to contact me about anything you need in particular – I’m all for customizing things to fit you well.


Yesterday, I put out the first of a series of invitations to something new that I’ve been wanting to weave for some time now.  It’s called the Sovereign Soul Circle and you can find out more about it here.  The response has been amazing, so please contact me if it feels like just the thing for you!


And now, I’m off on another adventure – a gathering of lovely souls and a visit back to the place I was born.  Stay tuned.  I’ll bet there’ll be a few posts in this one!

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