It is the end of one year,  very nearly the beginning of another.

In the blogging world, this often calls for a rousing post on resolution, singular or plural.

Or an equally moving one on releasing all that still clings to you from the year just winding up.

Lots of bold face and exclamation points, in any case.

I’m not feeling that today.  Not at all.


Here’s all I want to say, what I would say to you most days:

No matter what you do or did,

or didn’t do.

Whether you have huge plans or

just aim to survive, day to day.


Thank the year past,

the waning moon.

Greet the new sliver in the sky,

the first pages of January.

And be kind.



Be kind to them – the others,

to those you don’t know,

to your dear and not so treasured ones.

Before and beyond that, though,

be kind to you.


(with all the boldness and !!!s you can muster)




Luxembourg Gardens, Paris    

December, 2013


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