Me and You


Want to spend some time with me?
There are a few ways to do that…


Reflection sessions

I offer a limited number of one hour sessions in which we connect by phone or Skype. It’s pretty simple – you talk, I listen, for the first half hour, about anything that is on your mind and in your heart. I listen deeply, and then in the second half, I’ll reflect back to you what I hear, using my intuition to bring to the surface what lies beneath your words. We’ll take time to discuss all of it, and then I’ll follow up with notes and any referrals or further information needed.

This is the best I offer for those little things that come up in life where you just need a safe space to release and reflect in, and there’s no ongoing commitment. Easy peasy, there and gone, simply put.

Each hour long session and follow up email exchange is $125.


Spirit Journeys

One of my very favorite ways to connect, these sessions are just the thing if you are feeling unclear, stuck, or looking for a way to hear what you’ve always known yet may have forgotten.



Soul Portrait Session

These photo sessions yield beautiful head shots, yes, and so much more. If you are in the Washington DC area, or anywhere that I happen to travel to, we can spend a couple hours out in nature, capturing your true essence in natural light. Along the way, we’ll chat about whatever having the camera focused on you brings up, of course. I’ll deliver up to twenty images to you, for your personal or professional use – pricing begins at $500.

Sovereign Soul Circle

Beginning January 6, I’ll lead a circle of eleven lovely souls for eleven weeks. Our focus will be on developing a magic bag of tricks and tools, one that will support your soul as you live your life and bring your own work to the world. It promises to be a magical time of ceremony, connection and community!



Sacred Creation

I work one on one with only three people at a time, these days, so that you get my full attention. This offering allows you my support, love and guidance as you explore whatever it is that you would like to bring forward – anything from launching a new business to welcoming a new child into the world. Big decisions, long term healing or diving deep into your own creativity, and anything in between. We’ll use creative means of all kinds, create ritual to support you, connect with your spirit guides and more – maybe we’ll even play with horses.

The way this happens depends on you, where you are literally and figuratively. It might be weekly calls, a virtual or in person retreat day once a month with shorter conversations, custom ceremony or artwork. You’ll have access to me via email consistently, no matter what. Typically, this work involves a three to nine month commitment and is priced depending on travel, etc., involved. Virtually, the investment begins at $1000 per month.

If you feel called to work with me in any other way, or would like to be on my first to know list for new offerings, please send me an email. I’m always happy to consider new possibilities!