The end of the year.  The full moon.  The dark beginning to turn to the light.

A time, on all these fronts and more, to release.

Release what binds us, what no longer serves us, what holds us back.


It’s really easy – and highly encouraged, it seems, in these waning days – to put all the focus on the exciting new year, on all that’s to come, to just move forward.  And there’s time for that, yes, of course.  Before we do all the planning and welcoming of the new, however, I wonder if we can make time to unpack this year, so to speak.

How is that done? As a fan of ceremony and ritual and of fire in general, I’m all for burning it up – words written on paper, pinecones with what’s ready to leave whispered into it, branches carved with symbols representing all that we’d like to release.  If that’s not an option, there’s always the writing it out and tearing it up into tiny pieces – breaking the ties that bind, in effect.  Or even taking a long shower or bath, with the intention that all that no longer serves you goes right down the drain.  It can be that simple.  All it takes is the intention.

For me, the new year will look very different from any of the others I’ve lived, something that brings a swirling range of emotions on a minute to minute basis.  The best I can do, perhaps any of us can do, is to give 2016 a brand new canvas on which to paint itself, so I’ll be taking the time to do just that – clear the decks, sweep the cobwebs, let it all go. The good, the difficult and everything in between.  With gratitude, respect, love – for every bit of it.

And then the welcoming begins.  Because the only way to fully embrace all that’s to come is to give it space to bloom, to grow. To become all that’s possible and more.

I wish that for each of you, beyond your wildest dreams.  For this year, for always.



A favorite view in the bush of Phinda Private Game Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal, with the Lebombo mountains in the distance.


3 Comments on “release

  1. Beautiful post Christa – cheers to the magic carpet rides we’ll be taking in 2016.

  2. Such a fantastic reminder not to rush the transition. And I love all your suggestions for rituals. Here’s to a blessed and blissful 2016! Xoxo

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