Sovereign Soul Circle


Once upon a time…

Each of us came to this world knowing we were sovereign. Uniquely beautiful, gifted beyond words, strong and insightful and wise.

Somewhere along the line, we forget. Or believe what we are told, that we are ordinary. Nothing special. Or worse, that we have nothing to add.

My mission in life, my reason for being here, seems to be to help people remember this. All this, and more.

And I believe that this remembering is best done in good company.


Enter The Sovereign Soul Circle…

I’ll gather up to eleven lovely souls for eleven weeks as the new year begins, and we’ll weave magic together.

Magic that looks like ceremony. Like ritual. Like Felix the Cat’s bag of tricks – remember that?

You’ll leave with the tools and the restored innate wisdom you need to bring your exquisite self to the world. In your work, in your family, in everything you do.


And how will we do that, you ask…

We begin on January 6, 2016, just before the new moon, and continue until March 23rd, the full moon just after the Spring Equinox.

    In this quiet, still time, we will gather twice a month, virtually, for 90 minute calls – one will include a group journey, the other will introduce the practices we’ll focus on that month.

   Between calls, there will be three emails per week, with prompts and links for you to dive into, as deeply or shallowly as you wish, with information you can have to support you in the longterm.

   I’ll do a soul journey with each of you, one on one, before we gather and then twice more, or if you’d like, we can spend one of those calls chatting about whatever is on your mind and in your heart.

   I’ll be accessible to each member of the circle by email and open call hours on our group phone line/Skype and of course, on an energetic level.

   Packages will arrive for you, before we begin and along the way, with gifts to support you on this path – I’ll use  my intuition to find just what you’ll need.

   There will be, of course, a secret group for the circle on Facebook, so that you can all mingle and wonder and learn from each other – this part is essential to the experience.


Which brings us to the commitment…

The circle itself is sovereign and if you feel called to join me, please be certain that you have the time and bandwidth to dive deep with the other participants.  I’d plan on a few hours a week to cover that material and stay connected.

The cost is $1100, and in order to secure your place, a deposit of $400 will be required once I’ve accepted your request to join. You can pay the balance in one or two payments, due by December 20th.

Once you’ve made the deposit, we’ll schedule your first spirit journey for sometime in December, which will give you time to play with all you find there, and to begin to connect with me and the others.