Spirit Journey Sessions



The Spirit Journey Sessions are pure alchemy. And pure alchemy is hard to put into words, isn’t it?

So I’ll tell you a little story. When I was very young, I had recurrent dreams in which the same mystical, wise and caring characters showed up continuously. My everyday life was tricky; I felt so out of place in my family that everything was pretty painful. In the dreams, though, I felt so content, so happy, so loved with this trio and in the places they showed me, with the others with whom they connected me. I didn’t know any of their names, so I asked one night, in a dream who they were – and they said, I thought, that they were my guys.

These days, I realize they likely meant “guides” rather than “guys” but habits are hard to change, though, so I still think of them as My Guys.

In essence, that’s what these journeys together are – my guys talk to your guys and they show me whatever it is they’d like you to know, or see, or remember. The experience feels much like a movie – one that you and I are a part of – and my job is to describe to you what I see, as fully and precisely as I am able.

A Spirit Journey with me is both that simple and that complex. Some folks end up seeing it along with me. Others hear it as a fable or fairy tale. Occasionally, people fall asleep and it all feels like a dream. No worries, though – they always wake up by the end.

What we see can be from anywhere in time – ages past, the future, something from this lifetime revisited. I never know until we get there. It’s uncanny, though, that there’s often a direct tie-in to the viewer’s history – a place they knew, or one they’ve always been fascinated with, or an issue that’s been a lifelong puzzle, that is now clearly explained. As I said, pure alchemy.



The sessions are done by phone or voice-only Skype and run about ninety minutes long, though I ask that you allow two hours so that we are not rushed. You’ll need a place to stretch out and relax, where you will not be interrupted. If possible, have ready a candle to light, and a blanket to get cozy under. Water to drink and something to take notes with after your session is a good idea.

Beyond that, all you have to do is relax and receive. I act as your guide, creating a safe space for you to explore all we see. We’ll chat a bit at the beginning and then have plenty of time for debriefing and questions at the end of the session.

The cost for the initial session is $160, and subsequent ones are $120. The price includes email support for exploring your journey – I’m happy to provide resources for investigating symbology, finding talismans and developing practices so that you learn as much as you’d like from our session.




How does it work?IMG_8834

The answer is that I don’t know, beyond what’s written above. I believe that we all have this inner guidance system and that these sessions are an incredibly direct way to begin to access it. The places we visit are much more accessible to you after the session, and I’m told that this work is like a window into the deepest part of you. It’s possible to focus on an intention or question, of course, though the response may look quite different than the answer you may have in mind.

This work is often just what’s needed when you are feeling stuck, clueless about a situation, or like you just can’t see the forest for the trees. Inevitably, they give you a whole new point of view. A new lens.


Why do this with me?

I’m guessing that this ability I have is one that is likely a gift I gained by going through difficult times. Honestly, I do not know how it works. Yet I feel privileged to do this work, to be a conduit for whatever this magic is. I strongly believe that we all have the inner guidance channel – it’s just a matter of tuning into it. Over my lifetime, I’ve gotten really good at finding that frequency.

IMG_6623While I’ve studied more traditional native journey work, I vastly prefer this method, which has evolved over several years of working with lovely souls. A Spirit Journey session is gentle, easy, kind. There’s no mumbo jumbo or anything to be afraid of. It’s all focused on you, and very relaxing. And generally there are several symbols to explore – I’ll give you links and information to get you started and practices to gain even more insights over time.


What do I take with me?

Insights, which come in many ways. New symbols to use as talismans and totems, if you like, or to explore further. The ability to return to the places and people we encounter, with the tools to communicate with them on your own. Additional sessions are great for exploring different arenas, and usually involve a very different adventure.

Beyond that, it’s pretty fun. Fascinating. Like taking a trip without having to pack a suitcase and deal with airport security.



Here’s what I hear from people I’ve journeyed with…

“Journeying with Christa was a singular, enriching experience. Her presence and companionship was earnest and soothing, and I felt shifted by my experience with her, touched in a place deep within me, in a way that was welcoming and also akin to returning home after a long time away. I would absolutely recommend working with Christa, especially if you, like me, have that tug in your chest, urging you to take a step or two down the path to see where it leads, and a desire (or a hope) for transformation on the other side. In this work, I wouldn’t want anyone else to be by my side.”

•  •  •

“Christa gives you everything you could want, and reminds you to take whatever it is that you need. I jumped at the chance to work with Christa, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel supported and safe (oh so safe!) on their journey. You know exactly what to expect going into it. Afterwards, you are supplied with supporting articles, images, and questions that will make you think but more importantly, help you open up and move forward.

The attention to detail was astonishing! Her interpretations are solid. If you want to work with a woman who loves what she does and will make your experience magical, then you need to work with Christa!”

•  •  •

“A sacred journey with Christa is the most relaxing and informative meditative experience you can have. Christa describes her visions in deep detail and is reassuring and supportive throughout the whole process. I felt able to have my own experience and have her support and guidance without any energetic interference. It was very moving for me and I have continued to received information which relates to it, and to my own spiritual journey.”

•  •  •

“My Spirit Journey experience was almost too big to properly capture in words. The visuals Christa led me through felt realer than real…I could literally see the colors and smell the changes in the air as we walked along together. Her voice and demeanor are perfect for leading someone through something so intimate and personal. The experience is something I carry with me each day.”



If you’d like to take a sacred journey with me, begin by clicking this button. Once I receive payment, I’ll be in touch with you personally to arrange the timing, and then we’ll be on our way!

Spirit Journey Sessions

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