In Zulu, silethokuhle.  In English, we bring the good. This is what we’ve chosen to call the fledgling foundation I’ve founded here in the community of Ngwenya, located in KwaZulu-Natal, the traditionally Zulu area in the northeast of this beautiful country of South Africa.   And it’s not that the foundation’s staff and I […]


  You asked and I finally answered.  Thanks for your patience.   While most of the work I do comes to me through recommendations and referrals, it’s time to be clear about the ways we can work together.   Here’s the link to the page with all my current offerings.  Feel free, of course, to […]


    verklempt adjective overcome with emotion   It’s been a wild ride, folks, these last five months or so.  I’ve revisited the past, imagined the future and written about all of it, in between visiting magical lands, serving lovely souls and taking the occasional nap. My book, All Better Bye and Bye, is finished. […]


    I think all the best stories start with “Once upon a time”.   So when I was playing with how to rework this site to more clearly reflect my journey and how that has shaped where I am today, that’s how the story began.   And then I thought the first place I […]


    I was going through Notes on my iPhone – aka My Brain In a Box – and came across this. It’s rambley, and I think I’ll resist the urge to polish it up and give you my random musings instead. Welcome to the inner workings of my brain!     Soul Care Redefining […]


      A confession – one that may not come as a surprise to you.  I’m a big Shiny Object girl.  Always seeing what’s new and glittery and dropping what’s in my hand in a heartbeat to go and check out the next thing. And contrary to what many believe, there’s nothing wrong with […]


      I’m home, after a few weeks of amazing experiences even though I was exhausted.  And all is well, even though I’ve been waiting to hear about the biopsy results for a few days now and have several days more to wait.   And I’m fine, though I seem to need to nap […]


        I have seen it happen when a person dies:  The soul will come to the gates of paradise, and there, God will open a magnificent book and read a few notes His angels wrote beneath each name. God reads that to see if the soul is worthy of entering His mind […]


          I just wrote a rather good and powerful piece about Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen, about the young man who was stopped and frisked and paid a huge price for wearing a scarf on his face in sub-freezing weather, about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death, and about how being normal doesn’t […]