This girl. This young woman. Nearly twenty seven years later, I can look at her now with such love. She didn’t love herself, not back then. She didn’t know how. All she knew was that she wanted happiness, and she believed what she’d been taught. That love and happiness would come in the form of […]


  The end of the year.  The full moon.  The dark beginning to turn to the light. A time, on all these fronts and more, to release. Release what binds us, what no longer serves us, what holds us back.   It’s really easy – and highly encouraged, it seems, in these waning days – […]


    verklempt adjective overcome with emotion   It’s been a wild ride, folks, these last five months or so.  I’ve revisited the past, imagined the future and written about all of it, in between visiting magical lands, serving lovely souls and taking the occasional nap. My book, All Better Bye and Bye, is finished. […]


      When you come to the place between. When you have left what you held most dear. When you are traveling toward the life you know not. When you arrive at the hardest ground. May it become for you a place to rest. May it become for you a place to dream. May […]


    This is my favorite part of my yard.  Not the expensive specimen trees or the glorious wisteria or the bolder than life bulbs.  This. The understory of a little wooded area. The ferns, the debris, the moss.  The tiny mushrooms under the hosta.  And if I’m really lucky, a salamander or a toad. […]