This girl. This young woman. Nearly twenty seven years later, I can look at her now with such love. She didn’t love herself, not back then. She didn’t know how. All she knew was that she wanted happiness, and she believed what she’d been taught. That love and happiness would come in the form of […]


      There’s something about being on the other side of the world that gives me pause when I think about commenting on all that’s happened in America recently.  While I love my new home here in rural South Africa beyond reason, there’s part of my heart which will always remain enmeshed with the […]


  In Zulu, silethokuhle.  In English, we bring the good. This is what we’ve chosen to call the fledgling foundation I’ve founded here in the community of Ngwenya, located in KwaZulu-Natal, the traditionally Zulu area in the northeast of this beautiful country of South Africa.   And it’s not that the foundation’s staff and I […]


  A year ago or so, I painted this picture.  A series of them, actually.  All low mountains, deep colors, lots of golden light. And now I see this scene painted in front of me, full size, earth and sky, every day.  Like Bert and Mary Poppins, I’ve somehow jumped into the middle of that […]


  Therefore…love your solitude and try to sing out with the pain it causes you. For those who are near you are far away… and this shows that the space around you is beginning to grow vast…. be happy about your growth, in which of course you can’t take anyone with you, and be gentle […]


  It’s the last day of the year and New Year’s Eve, for me, will be spent in this lovely lounge at Heathrow and then in a not too tiny metal tube in the sky, traveling from quite far north to the Southern hemisphere again.  Back to South Africa, this time for much longer.  I’ll […]


  The end of the year.  The full moon.  The dark beginning to turn to the light. A time, on all these fronts and more, to release. Release what binds us, what no longer serves us, what holds us back.   It’s really easy – and highly encouraged, it seems, in these waning days – […]


Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. ~ Henry David Thoreau   I have spent so much of my life trying to find myself – and I’ve been in good company on that front.  There’s an entire industry built on just that, isn’t there?  And yet, maybe, what I need – what […]


  Help is strangely, something we want to do without, as if the very idea disturbs and blurs the boundaries of our indidviual endeavors, as if we cannot face how much we need in order to go on. We are born with an absolute necessity for help, grow well only with a continuous succession of […]


    The time will come when, with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror, and each will smile at the other’s welcome and say, sit here.  Eat. You will love again the stranger who was yourself. Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart to itself, to […]