What if this love, this Eros could be the underpinning rather than the undoing, the place we rest and find our way to peace versus another point of pressure of pain, of suffering? what if this love, this Eros is the very key to unlock our freedom, our selves. What then? how high could we […]


  A year ago or so, I painted this picture.  A series of them, actually.  All low mountains, deep colors, lots of golden light. And now I see this scene painted in front of me, full size, earth and sky, every day.  Like Bert and Mary Poppins, I’ve somehow jumped into the middle of that […]


  The usual three a.m. waking happened today, though this morning after taking care of the immediate urge, I noticed the palest light coming in the windows behind the sleek modern tub and opened the door to the outdoor shower area – snow white towels glowing on their hooks, in that light – closing it […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about magic lately. Not the pull the rabbit out of the hat or ride down Niagara Falls in a barrel kind, not at all. The much more personal kind, the magic that allows us to shift and change and sort and clear and somehow arrive at a place of freedom that we never could have imagined. The kind of magic that allows us to begin over and over again, to return to that place of grace and wide open possibility.

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  You don’t have to be all better (or even much improved)   The scars you carry tell your story (they help us to know you)   They remind you of who you are where you’ve been (all you have encountered)   Let me ask you a question one you (may not have heard before) […]


    …Word traced in water of lakes, and light on water, Light on still water, moving water, waterfall And water colors of cloud, of dew, of spectral rain,   Word inscribed on stone, mountain range upon range of stone, Word that is fire of the sun and fire within Order of atoms, crystalline symmetry, […]


      I’ve been blogging now for nearly four (or is it five?) years, and remain eternally grateful to those who paved the way.  In the good old blog days, there was a lot more cross-pollinating – guest posts and fun challenges and when the lovely and ohsotalented Kristin Noelle asked me if I’d […]


    I think all the best stories start with “Once upon a time”.   So when I was playing with how to rework this site to more clearly reflect my journey and how that has shaped where I am today, that’s how the story began.   And then I thought the first place I […]


            I’ve discovered a whole new facet of my art practice and will be sharing new work here with you for some time.   No words, just images that will allow you to join me as I explore a new way of showing you the way I see the world. […]