Help is strangely, something we want to do without, as if the very idea disturbs and blurs the boundaries of our indidviual endeavors, as if we cannot face how much we need in order to go on. We are born with an absolute necessity for help, grow well only with a continuous succession of […]


    Finally I saw that worrying had come to nothing. And gave it up. And took my old body and went out into the morning, and sang. ~ Mary Oliver, “I worried”   Here’s what is on my mind today. Choice. Alchemy. Transformation.   Life offers us such an opportunity for all three, over […]


      I’ve been blogging now for nearly four (or is it five?) years, and remain eternally grateful to those who paved the way. ┬áIn the good old blog days, there was a lot more cross-pollinating – guest posts and fun challenges and when the lovely and ohsotalented Kristin Noelle asked me if I’d […]


      There is a place you know – or you did know once upon a time, before the forgetting.   May this serve not only as a reminder, no. It is an invitation.   This is the time to recall it all, to revel in its inherent splendor.   The age old rock, […]