I am devoted to love, in all its many forms. To finding a way, each day to come home to myself, to honor the child within me who fought so hard to stay on this earth, to allow her to play and to feel steeped in a love far greater than anything she could possibly have received in those early days. To allowing that love to radiate from me, to me, and out beyond me to those whose paths I cross, in the literal or figurative sense. To letting myself stumble, fall and rise again, knowing that what I do has far less value than how I show up in this world, than how I be.
I am devoted to diving deep. To opening my mind and my heart to all the possibilities for expansion and growth, for stillness and remembering. To exploring what has been, what is happening around me now, and what is to come. To allowing for the incredible differences between me and the souls I come into contact with, and the myriad ways I show up, with myself and with them.
I am devoted to wonder. To seeking out beauty, especially the tiniest examples of it, the little things that are so easily missed – the way tiles line up on a roof top or the intricacy of the lines bisecting the wings of the moth fluttering at my window. To observing the youngest among us and the way they greet everyone and everything they encounter with such incredible curiosity. To observing the light and the shadow, both, and to remembering that without one, we would never have the other and that the gift is so much about the interplay between the two.
I vow to continue to live this way, to devote myself over and over again to these practices. I vow to live steeped in love, to dive deep each day in order to find the treasure in the most common and the very spectacular, and to wonder at it all. I vow to really live my life, fully and well.



And I’m curious.  What is your vow?



The sculpture, “The Age of Enlightenment – Antoine Lavoisier”,  is  by Yinka Shonibare, at the Hirshhorn here in DC.

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