For those who don’t know me, I’m an intuitive artist, a seer of truth, a healer of hearts. My work spans writing, photography, painting, transformational mentoring and more. I share that here and with clients across the globe, often speaking about my own personal journey from a rather dark and painful beginning to creating a life beyond my wildest dreams.  I believe that while there is shadow and light in everything, we get to choose the lens through which we view the world.


In the past fifty four years, I’ve experienced much that most would avoid at all costs. And I’ve found ways to bring light to the shadows, and I see now that the darkness holds much to be explored and learned from. There are gifts everywhere, and it brings me a great deal of joy to uncover them, whether for myself or for you.


On my blog , I share a record of what brings me joy. What feels like freedom. What I see as magic, beautiful and precious.  What I feel is important.  All of it.  The good, the bad, the ugly and the very beautiful.


As I send my book, All Better Bye and Bye, out into the world, I am beginning to take on mentoring clients and hold insight journey sessions.  If you are ready to do transformational work, please email me directly.


Thanks so much for visiting. I’d love to hear from you – I can be reached here, and respond, in time, to my emails personally.


I am so glad you are here.







Photo by Susan Honnell